Reviews and Testimonials

“I love your classes because they give me time, space & permission to actually create… otherwise, life keeps getting in the way…”

 — S.C.

“I consider myself to be somewhat artistically challenged so I didn’t expect to really enjoy SoulCollage®, but I was curious and figured anything Suzanne does is worth checking out. Well, I was right about Suzanne, but wrong about SoulCollage®. Suzanne pays exquisite attention to every little detail to make her studio and the experience comfortable, easy and relaxing, and she provides everything you could possibly need for success. Her gentle, loving, thoughtful, non-judgmental approach set the perfect tone and allowed my creativity to flow freely and my inner critic to “take a walk” (her suggestion). The result was a lovely, thoroughly enjoyable, uplifting experience, and one I’d love to repeat. Suzanne is a gem!”

 — B.D.

“I have already raved about the SoulCollage® experience in Suzanne Oliwa’s beautiful studio to many friends so am pleased to testify about it on her website. Among the benefits:  taking a break from mental and verbal chatter; the tactile pleasure of sorting, cutting and arranging the images; using the creative process to soothe oneself; taking home an amalgam of symbols on a card that will continue to stimulate and guide my growth and healing.”

 — K.F.

“I had such a wonderful time in your class and felt so peaceful and at ease. You have a lovely way of pulling everyone together.”

 — M.M.

“It is a gift to have a time to be quiet in a pretty place with a bouquet of images. I felt very centered and calm after the morning. And I love my collage — after I came home, I just liked looking at it! Thank you!!!”

 — R.M.

“Thanks so much for the workshop on Saturday. It gave us a nice opportunity to connect as a group and to experience something unique.”

 — K.H.

“You supplied everything we needed and a wonderful and varied selection of images to choose from. We all agreed it was a great experience.”

 — C.T.

“It is amazing how having that prioritized, and particularly warm and welcoming time at Suzanne’s studio, opens one up to insights onward. It reminds me that I need to make time for reflection and creative expression because it will have ongoing residual benefits.”

 — S.D.

“The SoulCollage® process is another way “in” that is not from the head–or even the body–that is both permanent and impermanent. The product was a surprise that provoked wonder and curiosity. It also indulged my love of cutting things out with sharp scissors, probably related to my early paper doll experiences of childhood. It felt good to feel so “creative” in just a couple of hours. I am still thinking about my card.”

 — K.H.