How do I know which card to make?

by Suzanne Oliwa

How do I know which card to make? Does the order in which I create my cards matter? What if I’m taking a workshop on the Council Suit, and the cards that I create turn out to be Committee members? As we engage in the process and practice of crafting SoulCollage® cards, it might serve us to consider that there is an ever-present element of the unknown. YES! The process of creating a SoulCollage® deck has many elements to it: some visible, some invisible, and almost always the element of surprise. Can you trust in this process? YES! Can we pause from the busyness of lives and be fully present with the images that appeal to us… and piece them together until they fit to our satisfaction? YES! This practice is a personal one. These cards are for us and about us. They are a tribute to our lives.

The way that our individual deck comes together, is just that… uniquely individual! This practice asks us to S L O W down, get quiet, and listen to the whispers of the universe. Allowing our hands to become detectors of images that are ALIVE for us, we employ our inner senses to gather, cull, and create our cards. Consider letting your heart lead you through the journey of card creating. Imagine if you will, your heart in the driver’s seat, always knowing exactly which way to turn. That’s IT! — the process and practice of SoulCollage®. Making a deck has no particular timeline. If you find yourself rushing to make a big stack of cards, perhaps you might consider creating a Committee card called: “My Rushing Self” or “Always in a Hurry.” Similarly, if you find yourself frequently getting lost in the images and not able to narrow down your choices, you might need to create a card for yourself called “Decisive.” It is nice to ask your card what its name is. This way, you can begin to embody this part of yourself, and recognize when it is taking over, or needs to be heard. We can name, and keep a list of parts of ourselves that we become aware of. And, when the time is just right, we can craft a SoulCollage® card for that personality part.

I shared in a recent class about a Committee member that I named “Pent Up.” Once this part of myself became revealed, I quickly learned to recognize when that part of me needs its voice to be heard! We have a little conversation: I might say, “Hi Pent Up. I know that you’re here! What do you need from me right now?” And Pent Up will answer me (either as a voice in my head, or with me scribing for him/her in my journal), “I need you to get some movement! Can you get out for a brisk walk today?” When I allow my cards to have a voice, remarkably, they ALWAYS have something to say!

And so it goes as we tune in to the many parts of ourselves (Committee Suit), get in touch with the larger, overarching stories of our lives (Council Suit), find ourselves guided to meet our animal companions (Companion Suit), and are drawn to create cards for the most important people, pets and places in our lives (Community Suit). This practice is one that unfolds in a special timeline that is unique to each crafter. Have you crafted a card lately? Have you joined in a community class? I find this practice continually inspiring. I hope that you might too. In closing, I bow to Seena Frost for birthing and sharing this process with the one and the many. Long live the Mystery!