Hearing From Our Cards

by Suzanne Oliwa

I have a SoulCollage® card that I have named “She who wants to have her cake and eat it too.” The main image on the card is of a large rocking chair. In the background is a house, and in the top left corner is a woman holding a huge cake. (You can see this card on my website’s home page). Seena Frost, birth mother of the SoulCollage® technique, reminds me often, in her book SoulCollage Evolving, and in her CD series, that I need to keep my cards out — not to hide them away.

I find that as I gaze over my cards with soft eyes, I start to hear from some of them. My “Cake” card has been calling to me a lot lately. She comes to my mind on a regular basis. After a while, I really start to “hear” her, and begin to remember… I know that I can benefit MOST from my collaged cards by reading them. So, I sat with her. I got out my journal and began to form some questions to ask my card. I asked her questions like:

“What is your wisdom today?” and “How can I move forward in my life right now?” We ask open ended questions, not YES or NO questions because SoulCollage® cards are NOT an oracle. Our cards can offer us wisdom and insight into our lives, YES.

Here is what my card said to me:

When you create time to sit, then you can move from a more restored place, a healthier place, a place of oneness and self love. Abundance comes from abundance! Come out of hiding… let your voice be heard, your dreams made manifest. You can sit for a while, yes! And then, your gifts to the world — your presence, can and will manifest.

Whether you have one card or 100, remember that one of the great gifts of the SoulCollage® process is to learn and listen to the wisdom embedded in the cards that we create.

I’m very excited to share that I will soon be traveling to California to study with Seena Frost. Check back on this page to hear some of the nuggets that I will bring back with me about this wonderful life affirming process.