Finding our Committee Members

by suzanne oliwa

I have been pondering a question that comes up frequently in my workshops:  How do I identify all the parts of myself for card making in the Committee Suit?  Seena Frost often speaks of how the images find us.  I feel that this is true with our committee members as well.  We can make lists, we can look in SoulCollage® Evolving, we can glean parts from seeing lists that others make, and sometimes, our parts find their own way of saying hello to us.

Recently,  as I was washing the dinner dishes, an image came to me of being an overwhelmed new mother.  I saw myself repacking the diaper bag… again.  At that time,  all I could do at the end of each day was get ready for tomorrow… another long day of baby care.  In those few minutes,  I connected deeply with a part of myself that has  served me so well.  Tonight as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I was also preparing for tomorrow.  I want to come downstairs  in the morning and savor a few moments of order before all the gifts and chaos of the day arrives.

This part of myself, that for now I’m naming, “Getting Ready for Tomorrow” just arrived in the midst of an everyday chore.  I often find that when I least expect it, when I let go of all trying, a little bit of magic happens.  We can set our intentions, then we must get out of the way and let the universe work her everyday magic.

Someday, I will be turning the pages of a magazine and I will come face to face with “Getting Ready for Tomorrow.”  Then I will know that it is the right time to make a card for her.