Take Time to Read Your Cards

It would be my guess that many of you are challenged by carving out the time to regularly practice with your SoulCollage® cards. I am too! Sometimes I just have to put my foot down with my “Over-Busy Self” (need to make a card for her soon!) and do it. This fall, I gave myself the gift of time to work with my cards at length. As you review my reading, I hope you will be inspired to do your own! I pulled 4 cards from my deck (traditional for a SoulCollage® reading) while holding an issue that was on my heart.

I would like support for building a more regular SoulCollage® practice for myself. Can you help me?

What follows is my reading. I drew the following cards from my deck: Patron Saint of Mothers & Daughters (Council), Hiding (Council/Committee), Mothering (Council), Lightbearer (Council) Most interesting to note is that in this blind draw, each of the cards sits in the Council Suit. You may have also noticed that my card called “Hiding” is in 2 suits… sometimes this card speaks with a voice that is a part of myself, while other times Hiding is more representative of the archetypal suit.

Patron Saint of Mothers & Daughters

Seek your own MOTHER WISDOM. How can you really set aside time for yourself? I know you can easily feel overwhelmed by your schedule. That has traumatized you. It’s time to step out of that pattern (Remember! Seena suggests making a card for Pattern Keeper). Ask me for help and guidance — this is why I’ve been urging you to pray. Loving and full of partnership — follow my lead! Offer your daughter-self a day off now and then, she needs and wants to play!


The fall is a wonderful time to start and build good works and practices — not to load on more or take on new; rather renewal can be of great benefit to you. Have your deck with you in autumn. Tend and befriend, rest and observe! Give unique assignments to your students: helping and encouraging their practices comes as a result of the same nourishing rain that brings out the color in your practice.


Of course I can help! Can you allow yourself to receive the nourishment of my communion? I have much to share with you dear daughter of my heart – that’s why my presence is in so many of your cards! That’s why I led and guided you to this practice. I know that some of your deepest creativity lies in crafting! Please open yourself to my nourishment and support – I will never let you down. The spirit and the heart prevail. Long may you accept my nourishment.


Yes, I can help. Just light a candle and create the space of help, healing, peace, regeneration, and constancy. Peace be unto you daughter of the earth.

This practice is wise. This practice is home. This practice is you.