The "Juice" of the Practice

by Suzanne Oliwa

Creating my own deck of collaged cards AND reading from them has been a powerful and fruitful practice for me.  I have offered a number of workshops since my facilitator training last fall.  Participants have found the process of crafting cards to be rejuvenating, powerful, inspiring and awakening. Making the cards is a process all by itself, but reading from them is where the real “juice” of this practice is revealed.  Our inner wisdom comes forth as we step into our cards and speak through them.

I have recently returned from California where I took a training with Seena Frost (the birth mother of this practice), and other teachers, in one particular aspect of the SoulCollage® process.  The Council Suit tells the larger story of us from an archetypal perspective.  When we create a card that does not seem familiar, but does feel quite powerful, it might very well be a Council card.  A group of 22 of us spent many hours crafting cards, but we spent equally, if not more hours, hearing from our cards.  Unexpected guidance, insights and sage advice can be some of the words that come as a community member scribes the words and wisdom that arise as we read our cards.

Upon returning from this training, I have decided to focus more strongly on SoulCollage®. I’m about to start a monthly open studio for card making, AND a monthly card reading group. Seena always advises not to keep our cards in the closet or drawer, but to have them nearby and tap them for their wisdom on a regular basis. I am doing just that! And, I am hoping that you might like to journey along with me.