Workshop Descriptions

Committee Suit

In this workshop we explore the many parts of ourselves. As we extract and examine these parts, and create SoulCollage® cards for them, they can evolve!

Community Suit

This suit represents our loved ones, teachers, special places, pets and other sentient beings. We can bring in any flat memorabilia to add to a “planned” card. We can also utilize images that remind us of our community members.

Companion Suit

Participants will be led through a guided meditation to meet one of their seven Chakra Guardians. These guardians typically show up as animals, but may also appear in other forms. We will craft a card for this companion. If you have already created your Companion Suit, you can use this session to get in deeper communication with one of your companions. You might make an additional card for one of your special set of 7.

Council Suit

We’ll explore many archetypes while waiting for the one that wants or needs to have its card created today. We might draw from Shamanic Journey or guided meditation to create the space to meet our Council.

Transpersonal Suit

We’ll move into a very quiet space to create one or all 3 of this silent suit of cards. These are special cards that hold space for us during readings. We do not ask anything of them aside from keeping sacred our card reading time.

Card Reading

We will learn the power of a 3 or 4 card reading. No need to have your own deck. We can read the cards from someone else’s deck while gleaning powerful insights for ourselves. We might do a group card reading, or partner (or journal) for personal readings.

Unlimited Card Making

In this special workshop, we’ll just craft the session away! If you have cards to “evolve” you are invited to bring them in. If you have unfinished cards, here’s your chance to complete them. If you have many cards on your heart, you can spend the mainstay of the session working on them. We will get to know our cards through the I am One Who exercise.